Mushroom Long Grain Rice (INSTANT POT) and….info about carbs.


  • 3 Cups Long Grain Rice
  • 3 Cups Bone Broth (any flavor)
  • 1 lb sliced mushrooms (divided)
  • 1/2 C Butter (divided)
  • 1 bunch green onions (sliced)
  • Salt & Pepper to taste


  1. Rinse and thoroughly drain rice. Add rice to instant pot.
  2. Add broth to cover rice.
  3. Add 1/2 of the mushrooms and salt and pepper to taste.
  4. Cook rice for 20 minutes, turn off instant pot and allow a natural release.
  5. While rice is cooking, melt 1/4 C butter in a large frying pan over medium heat and cook the other 1/2 mushrooms until golden brown. Set aside.
  6. Once natural release has finished, carefully open the lid and add 1/4 C butter and carefully toss until melted. Add browned mushrooms and sliced green onions. Mix and serve!

Long grain rice is the WHOLE grain of rice. Nothing has been removed from it. The bran and germ layers are left intact, (the most nutritious part) giving the rice a nutty, grainy flavor and a chewy bite. It also takes longer to cook than “normal” rice that you buy from the store….which is usually a medium or short grain rice. Nutritionally, long grain rice has so many health benefits. It has a lot of fiber, which helps to keep you feeling full. It has a lower glycemic index to help control blood sugars and excellent antioxidants for heart health.

I love long grain rice…I love the chewy, heartiness of it. Frank the dog likes it too! One thing I learned during many different roads of my health journey…was how much I craved rice and other whole grains. Not white sticky rice, or boil in a bag rice…but real rice. I think our bodies crave health. We also know what is good for us and what isn’t. The culture in our world right now is so anti-carb…and I don’t believe that’s real life. It’s not truth either. Carbs are fuel. Energy. Who here needs more energy? phhht.

Healthy, good carbs are meant to fuel us! I’m not talking about cold cereal and pop-tart carbs….I’m talking about grains. And potatoes. And beans. And fruit. Remember the food pyramid back in grade school? I think they were really on to something. And real butter? Ummm yes. Julia Child taught me a lot about butter…her love for it is something her and I share…because we are besties. I will talk about healthy fats another time.

I found these 2 nutritional posters while searching for the old fashioned food pyramid. They fascinated me! The one on the left is from the 50’s and the one on the right is from the 40’s. I feel like we’ve come full circle…or at least I have. In between these time frames and today….we have introduced mass processing and GMO foods…and most of all..convenience. All of the foods shown in the posters are natural, whole and healthy. No processed sugar, no fast food, no high fructose corn syrup. Hardly anything in the pictures are in cans…maybe some tuna and some fruits and veggies. It’s fresh REAL AND RAW food. I think I’m gonna choose it!

Maybe she’s crazy…maybe she just needs carbs. YOU. DON’T. KNOW.

Bread Overload

There’s a lot of bread that can come from the trial and error of sourdough breadmaking. Like a LOT.

Sourdough in reality isn’t a “type” of bread….its a process. And it’s different for everyone.

Each recipe takes time to perfect. You will get good and bad results. It’s part of the learning curve and to be honest…. I love the figuring out part. I learn something new every.single.time. Everyone’s oven temperature is different. Everyone’s humidity level is different. Everyone’s natural yeast starter is different. Recipes are awesome…but they are just a base line of where to start. You have to adjust and fine tune that recipe to become YOUR recipe and get the results that YOU want. I take a lot of notes!

These particular loaves came from a new recipe I found. Honey and Molasses Whole Wheat. I love the idea of this type of bread….I could tell right off the bat that the dough wasn’t right. It was too dry and dense, and wouldn’t rise much during the 2nd rise. I knew it probably wouldn’t give me the results I wanted but we push through anyway right!? I will make adjustments the next time I make this…and I know I’ll get some beautiful, delicious and healthy bread as the result.

I never stress about baking results…because I know I have use for the bread regardless. Even the “whoops” loaves have nutritional value to them. All of the goodness and health benefits are still jam packed in those ugly, doughy, burnt, dry, learning loaves! And I know I can make other things that I love from my whoopsie loaves.

What to do with all of that extra bread? Here are some ideas!

  • Granola
  • French Toast
  • Bruschetta
  • Bread Pudding
  • Breakfast Strata
  • Stuffing
  • Croutons

Recipes are forthcoming!!

Bake on!!

Sisters and Sunday baking

Every year, we have a Birthday Sister celebration in or around February. 3 of the 5 sisters have Birthdays in February. Amie, Annie and myself! So the other two, Keri and Kim…always are sweet enough to plan and spoil us for our special days. They never tell us what they have planned, it’s always a secret until the we “get there”. They get pretty creative sometimes. They tell us what to pack and what type of clothing to wear… and give hints like “be sure to shave your legs” or “bring pepper spray”….you know….just casual things. It’s always been a favorite occasion!

This weekend was our sister birthday event! (Sadly Annie couldn’t make it this year and she was SORELY missed) It was lovely and it’s always cherished. We spent the night at Kim’s house, we baked pizzas on a pizza stone (sourdough crust of course!) we watched a movie, and stayed up late talking and giggling for hours. When we went to bed, on our pillow….Amie and I found a cute pair of socks tied with some “birthday money” for the next day! Still no idea what the plan was.

The next morning, Keri woke up with a headache…not sure why….ok…I do know…apparently it was my fault..I sleep with “white noise” and I guess it didn’t work out so great for her. I slept GREAT!! I SAID I WAS SORRY! lol

Kim’s husband made us all the most delicious birthday omelettes for breakfast. Delightful, full of veggies and cheese and yumminess. We got ready…and headed out the door for our big adventure! After almost dying on the freeway twice (Kim) we arrived to our destination….A DAY OF SHOPPING!!! At all of our favorite places. The first place we went to was a kitchen supply store. It was HEAVEN! We walked around browsed forever. And yes….I did need another set of measuring cups and spoons.

We left there and went book shopping…this was also enjoyable. We found a book for Annie that we felt we needed to add to her birthday sock/money that we would drop off to her on her way home. Can’t forget Annie!!

The next stop was a favorite! Redmonds! A small market…I would say they are best known for their salt… mined in Utah. Unrefined, unprocessed salt, full of minerals….I love it! I love cooking and baking with it. Salt from mine to table. You can decide for yourself here. (I don’t get paid for promoting them…I just really believe in their product) Actually, I love all of their products.

The best part of the day you ask??? LUNCH FOR SURE!! We went to a The Dodo and it was amazeballs. It was a hoppin place with a fun environment, and really good food. I had never been there before. Our lunches were perfect, delicious and we were stuffed. We spent our lunch planning our upcoming sister vacation in February 2022. It’s gonna be a big fat one!

I left that day feeling lighter, and with a soul that had been fed. So incredibly grateful for these sisters of mine. I truly love them!!

Today is Sunday! And that means it’s a baking day. Fernandough is working a full day!! Today is 2 loaves of artisan bread, and 2 loaves of sandwich bread…plus one batch of granola. I learned a thing today!!! So I will share….kneading with a wet surface rather that a floured surface is WAY easier. It kinda blew my mind!! This mainly applies for “brown” whole wheat recipes. In my sandwich bread recipe (the smooth dough below)…I use half white whole wheat and half brown whole wheat. But I LOVED LEARNING THAT! I think wheat and flour teach me something new every single day.

I use the terms “white” and “brown” flour just because all of the flour I use is whole wheat. I used to think that brown flour was the only kind of whole wheat flour. Whole wheat means that the WHOLE “kernal” or “berry” has been used when ground. The color differs by the type of wheat used. So there is both brown whole wheat and white whole wheat flours!

I’ll be posting on flour soon!! Simplifying all of the terms and types etc. RECIPES COMING SOON! (if you want something specific right now, please message me!) Have I mentioned I love wheat?


So me. I’m Kristi.
A girl with big dreams, big creativity, a big heart… just overall big. I’ve struggled with weight my whole life.. as long as I can remember I was always different physically from my 4 beautiful sisters. I never understood why. Until now.
I’ve tried SO many ways to be healthier and to lose weight… be “normal”… and until I surrendered to the fact that the earth… and my mind… provide everything I need to be healthy…. it wasn’t possible for me to achieve.
Had I not been “different” I would have never searched for these truths. I’ll never be “normal” and it might just be my best darn quality.

In my ever so humble opinion, no diet or food plan will ever work with restriction of natural foods from the earth. That is truth for me. For ME. Maybe not others. But for me.
I’ve spent a lot of time researching wheat. And I love what I see…and what I feel. Wheat is AMAZING! I think I love it. I’m certainly not an expert on the subject yet but I’m learning and it’s working.

I love to cook….I always have. I have very early memories making cream puffs out of the Betty Crocker cookbook with homemade pastry cream….. and they were good! I would read the cookbooks from cover to cover (I still do) and I always wanted Julia Child to be my best friend. I’ve always been a “foodie”. I’m drawn to foods, I serve others with food, I love to gather with food. I watch a crap ton of food shows, there isn’t a recipe out there that I won’t try and I love to learn about unusual foods and cultures. Always try something you’ve never tried before. You never know what you’re missing out on!!

The difference for me right now is that everything I am cooking is with “earth” foods. Foods from the earth! Grains, fruits, veggies, meat, dairy, eggs, spices….All of it! I am checking ingredients more….making “good, better, best” decisions on what I am choosing and every single weekend I am filling my freezer with sourdough bread, muffins, english muffins and usually a batch of granola. (Most of it goes elsewhere!)

I hope you enjoy what I share. I’m always up for suggestions. The focus for my blog will be:

  • Health- It’s always the quest right?
  • Recipes- ALL SORTS! I love trying new things, easy and hard!
  • Videos- I’m a visual person. When I see someone do something, then I can do it! Maybe you are too?
  • Information- Why do we do the things we do? Because of information we have! You don’t know what you don’t know.
  • Happiness- It’s the key to surviving for me. A grateful, happy heart solves everything.
  • Humor- I think I’m hilarious

Things I don’t love…..blogs that make you read the “reason” behind the recipe. Before you can see the recipe. Just give me the flippin’ recipe! I don’t wanna read about Nana’s trip from the motherland and the recipe was passed down through the decks of the Titanic….I mean I love your Nana…..but sometimes a girl just needs to quickly see what ingredients she needs ok? So I promise my recipes will just be recipes. Nana free.

One more thing you should probably know about me…from a cooking perspective it doesn’t make much sense…but I guess it makes me, me? Kristi can’t handle any type of wood products. There it is. My kryptonite. Wood. I’ll run from you. I don’t use a wooden rolling pin. (I have one that is wooden but it has plastic handles) Toothpicks? Nope. Skewers? Boo. I struggle with envelopes and I get sweaty and lightheaded when I get a paper cut. I DO have some bamboo spoons but they have a paint coating on the handle. I also have one knife passed down to me from my Aunt Cleo that I cherish…it has a wooden handle but for some reason I can handle that one. It’s really smooth I guess. I get gifts of wooden spoons or cutting boards all the time and I try really really hard to use them. But in the end….it’s a no from me dawg.

Things I LOVE!! I love to travel, I love football, I love my tiny dog Frank, I love music, I love where I live, I love my job, I love snow, I love freedom, I love Jesus, I love clean sheets and the smell of fresh pine trees, I love spending time with my children, with my 4 best friend sisters and my amazing parents. I’ll introduce you to them next!!