Bread Overload

There’s a lot of bread that can come from the trial and error of sourdough breadmaking. Like a LOT.

Sourdough in reality isn’t a “type” of bread….its a process. And it’s different for everyone.

Each recipe takes time to perfect. You will get good and bad results. It’s part of the learning curve and to be honest…. I love the figuring out part. I learn something new every.single.time. Everyone’s oven temperature is different. Everyone’s humidity level is different. Everyone’s natural yeast starter is different. Recipes are awesome…but they are just a base line of where to start. You have to adjust and fine tune that recipe to become YOUR recipe and get the results that YOU want. I take a lot of notes!

These particular loaves came from a new recipe I found. Honey and Molasses Whole Wheat. I love the idea of this type of bread….I could tell right off the bat that the dough wasn’t right. It was too dry and dense, and wouldn’t rise much during the 2nd rise. I knew it probably wouldn’t give me the results I wanted but we push through anyway right!? I will make adjustments the next time I make this…and I know I’ll get some beautiful, delicious and healthy bread as the result.

I never stress about baking results…because I know I have use for the bread regardless. Even the “whoops” loaves have nutritional value to them. All of the goodness and health benefits are still jam packed in those ugly, doughy, burnt, dry, learning loaves! And I know I can make other things that I love from my whoopsie loaves.

What to do with all of that extra bread? Here are some ideas!

  • Granola
  • French Toast
  • Bruschetta
  • Bread Pudding
  • Breakfast Strata
  • Stuffing
  • Croutons

Recipes are forthcoming!!

Bake on!!

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