Sisters and Sunday baking

Every year, we have a Birthday Sister celebration in or around February. 3 of the 5 sisters have Birthdays in February. Amie, Annie and myself! So the other two, Keri and Kim…always are sweet enough to plan and spoil us for our special days. They never tell us what they have planned, it’s always a secret until the we “get there”. They get pretty creative sometimes. They tell us what to pack and what type of clothing to wear… and give hints like “be sure to shave your legs” or “bring pepper spray”….you know….just casual things. It’s always been a favorite occasion!

This weekend was our sister birthday event! (Sadly Annie couldn’t make it this year and she was SORELY missed) It was lovely and it’s always cherished. We spent the night at Kim’s house, we baked pizzas on a pizza stone (sourdough crust of course!) we watched a movie, and stayed up late talking and giggling for hours. When we went to bed, on our pillow….Amie and I found a cute pair of socks tied with some “birthday money” for the next day! Still no idea what the plan was.

The next morning, Keri woke up with a headache…not sure why….ok…I do know…apparently it was my fault..I sleep with “white noise” and I guess it didn’t work out so great for her. I slept GREAT!! I SAID I WAS SORRY! lol

Kim’s husband made us all the most delicious birthday omelettes for breakfast. Delightful, full of veggies and cheese and yumminess. We got ready…and headed out the door for our big adventure! After almost dying on the freeway twice (Kim) we arrived to our destination….A DAY OF SHOPPING!!! At all of our favorite places. The first place we went to was a kitchen supply store. It was HEAVEN! We walked around browsed forever. And yes….I did need another set of measuring cups and spoons.

We left there and went book shopping…this was also enjoyable. We found a book for Annie that we felt we needed to add to her birthday sock/money that we would drop off to her on her way home. Can’t forget Annie!!

The next stop was a favorite! Redmonds! A small market…I would say they are best known for their salt… mined in Utah. Unrefined, unprocessed salt, full of minerals….I love it! I love cooking and baking with it. Salt from mine to table. You can decide for yourself here. (I don’t get paid for promoting them…I just really believe in their product) Actually, I love all of their products.

The best part of the day you ask??? LUNCH FOR SURE!! We went to a The Dodo and it was amazeballs. It was a hoppin place with a fun environment, and really good food. I had never been there before. Our lunches were perfect, delicious and we were stuffed. We spent our lunch planning our upcoming sister vacation in February 2022. It’s gonna be a big fat one!

I left that day feeling lighter, and with a soul that had been fed. So incredibly grateful for these sisters of mine. I truly love them!!

Today is Sunday! And that means it’s a baking day. Fernandough is working a full day!! Today is 2 loaves of artisan bread, and 2 loaves of sandwich bread…plus one batch of granola. I learned a thing today!!! So I will share….kneading with a wet surface rather that a floured surface is WAY easier. It kinda blew my mind!! This mainly applies for “brown” whole wheat recipes. In my sandwich bread recipe (the smooth dough below)…I use half white whole wheat and half brown whole wheat. But I LOVED LEARNING THAT! I think wheat and flour teach me something new every single day.

I use the terms “white” and “brown” flour just because all of the flour I use is whole wheat. I used to think that brown flour was the only kind of whole wheat flour. Whole wheat means that the WHOLE “kernal” or “berry” has been used when ground. The color differs by the type of wheat used. So there is both brown whole wheat and white whole wheat flours!

I’ll be posting on flour soon!! Simplifying all of the terms and types etc. RECIPES COMING SOON! (if you want something specific right now, please message me!) Have I mentioned I love wheat?

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