So me. I’m Kristi.
A girl with big dreams, big creativity, a big heart… just overall big. I’ve struggled with weight my whole life.. as long as I can remember I was always different physically from my 4 beautiful sisters. I never understood why. Until now.
I’ve tried SO many ways to be healthier and to lose weight… be “normal”… and until I surrendered to the fact that the earth… and my mind… provide everything I need to be healthy…. it wasn’t possible for me to achieve.
Had I not been “different” I would have never searched for these truths. I’ll never be “normal” and it might just be my best darn quality.

In my ever so humble opinion, no diet or food plan will ever work with restriction of natural foods from the earth. That is truth for me. For ME. Maybe not others. But for me.
I’ve spent a lot of time researching wheat. And I love what I see…and what I feel. Wheat is AMAZING! I think I love it. I’m certainly not an expert on the subject yet but I’m learning and it’s working.

I love to cook….I always have. I have very early memories making cream puffs out of the Betty Crocker cookbook with homemade pastry cream….. and they were good! I would read the cookbooks from cover to cover (I still do) and I always wanted Julia Child to be my best friend. I’ve always been a “foodie”. I’m drawn to foods, I serve others with food, I love to gather with food. I watch a crap ton of food shows, there isn’t a recipe out there that I won’t try and I love to learn about unusual foods and cultures. Always try something you’ve never tried before. You never know what you’re missing out on!!

The difference for me right now is that everything I am cooking is with “earth” foods. Foods from the earth! Grains, fruits, veggies, meat, dairy, eggs, spices….All of it! I am checking ingredients more….making “good, better, best” decisions on what I am choosing and every single weekend I am filling my freezer with sourdough bread, muffins, english muffins and usually a batch of granola. (Most of it goes elsewhere!)

I hope you enjoy what I share. I’m always up for suggestions. The focus for my blog will be:

  • Health- It’s always the quest right?
  • Recipes- ALL SORTS! I love trying new things, easy and hard!
  • Videos- I’m a visual person. When I see someone do something, then I can do it! Maybe you are too?
  • Information- Why do we do the things we do? Because of information we have! You don’t know what you don’t know.
  • Happiness- It’s the key to surviving for me. A grateful, happy heart solves everything.
  • Humor- I think I’m hilarious

Things I don’t love…..blogs that make you read the “reason” behind the recipe. Before you can see the recipe. Just give me the flippin’ recipe! I don’t wanna read about Nana’s trip from the motherland and the recipe was passed down through the decks of the Titanic….I mean I love your Nana…..but sometimes a girl just needs to quickly see what ingredients she needs ok? So I promise my recipes will just be recipes. Nana free.

One more thing you should probably know about me…from a cooking perspective it doesn’t make much sense…but I guess it makes me, me? Kristi can’t handle any type of wood products. There it is. My kryptonite. Wood. I’ll run from you. I don’t use a wooden rolling pin. (I have one that is wooden but it has plastic handles) Toothpicks? Nope. Skewers? Boo. I struggle with envelopes and I get sweaty and lightheaded when I get a paper cut. I DO have some bamboo spoons but they have a paint coating on the handle. I also have one knife passed down to me from my Aunt Cleo that I cherish…it has a wooden handle but for some reason I can handle that one. It’s really smooth I guess. I get gifts of wooden spoons or cutting boards all the time and I try really really hard to use them. But in the end….it’s a no from me dawg.

Things I LOVE!! I love to travel, I love football, I love my tiny dog Frank, I love music, I love where I live, I love my job, I love snow, I love freedom, I love Jesus, I love clean sheets and the smell of fresh pine trees, I love spending time with my children, with my 4 best friend sisters and my amazing parents. I’ll introduce you to them next!!

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