I love my family.

I have been SUPER blessed with an amazing support system in my life. My parents gave me a stable, happy childhood with a lot of love and the choice to be happy or not. I’m so incredibly grateful to them for teaching me how to dig deep and showing me what real love is.

They gifted me with 4 sisters. We shared ONE bathroom. So you can imagine the cat fights and hair pulling. Today they are my best friends and we literally communicate daily and try to get together monthly. I crave time with them. They fill my heart. Each one of them mean so very much to me.

I was blessed to have 2 children (and soon 1 son in law)…they have brought me the most joy of anything I’ve ever done. We have been through a lot together and we are close. I’m so proud and lucky to be their mom. I love watching them create strength, seeing them fly and building their own lives!! They are amazing, kind humans.

I’m sure throughout the life of this blog, there will be many childhood stories and memories shared, current happenings and future adventures. During sister time someone usually pees their pants, and during children time we usually laugh until we cry. I’m hoping they decide to let me showcase them all, in videos and recipes etc. Maybe even a guest post!!? The majority of my sisters are on the “sourdough” bus with me. It’s been super fun to share all of the experiments and I love it when they send me pictures of their creations…and even pictures of their creations in the trash. I giggle because I’ve been there. Let’s be honest…I’m still there some days.

My little Frank. He’s the cutest naughtiest puppy I’ve ever had. Like EVER. He’s so stubborn and I’m pretty sure he loves it when he gets in trouble. But…he has also been my little protector and best friend for the last 2 years. He’s very spoiled. I’m not even sorry about it. He get’s fresh food daily. He LOVES fresh crunchy vegetables and refuses anything mushy. He’s my little man.

I feel so blessed with this family of mine. I love loving them, and serving them and getting the benefits of just knowing them. You can rest assured I am very aware of how lucky I am. Maybe if you don’t have a family, sisters, kids, a dog….you can share mine with me!! They will be a large part of this blog…they are a huge part of my life and why I do what I do!

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