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History of Kristi’s Kitchen..

As long as I can remember, I have loved to cook. To create. I love the fact that if you add “these ingredients” with “these ingredients” and cook it “this way”…it becomes something else! There is comfort in that truth. My love language is serving…and I serve by feeding others. I have been asked for years to share recipes, or “when are you gonna open your own bakery or deli?” I’m not exactly sure that is my path…but I do know that I love doing it. So for now….I’ll share everything here.

I’m getting old! My search for health has brought me here…. to wheat….to the earth. I felt like I hit a wall last year and finally honestly asked myself “Kristi…if you could eat any way you wanted to eat…what would you eat??” And my answer was 2 things …..”avocado toast with a soft boiled egg and a slice of bacon, and oatmeal with yogurt and fresh fruit”. Not McDonalds and Dominos. Then and there I knew the answer for ME an MY body…..was the earth. And what it freely gives me. It provides everything I need to achieve health.

Health is a large topic…everyone thinks about it. There are so many “ways” to find health. I’ve tried SO many different ways. But I have found that this is the way for me. I refuse to let anyone else tell me what works for them…because they aren’t me. No more confusing “low carb” “sugar free” “high protein” “don’t eat eggs” “wheat is bad” “processed” “chemical” “shortcut” eating for me. No more restriction of natural foods from the earth with any diet or plan. If it comes from the earth…its going in my body. That is truth for me. I’m certainly not a an expert on the subject…but I’m learning and it’s working. FOR ME.

The main focus of wheat on my logo is for a reason. I’m in love with wheat. Wheat has been shown in a negative light in our current culture,  but it really is the staff of life. It’s was created for us. It’s healthy and nutritious. Our bodies need it. And I’m talking specifically about WHOLE WHEAT, unprocessed, natural organic whole wheat. I know some bodies struggle with wheat….and today’s current processing of wheat is usually the reason. But by creating natural yeast…we can help ourselves with that. We don’t need to be afraid of wheat!

When COVID hit I realized, probably along with you, that I wasn’t sure if I was prepared to provide for myself or my family…without assistance from the grocery store. Well not anymore, I can grind my own wheat, I have a beasty natural yeast starter named “Fernandough”, I have made my own kefir, yogurt and vanilla, and I love having my freezer full of all the things! I love the feeling of accomplishment and security it brings.
I have felt inspired to share what I have learned in a public forum.. I will be sharing recipes and videos of what I’m working on, learning and trying! If you’re interested I’d love to share and get to know you better too! We can be real and raw together!

Trust Your Guts

I knew that I needed to just initially pick one area of health that I wanted to work on, so that I wouldn’t be overwhelmed. And I chose GUT HEALTH as the place I was going to start. It’s been such a fun learning experience!

The human gut is responsible for more than just your digestion. The health of your GI tract can impact nutrient absorption, the immune system, conditions like IBS and even chronic migraines and your MOOD!. The bacteria in your gut even produce neurochemicals, and is responsible for about 95% of the body’s serotonin.

The Start of Something Delicious

Sourdough starter or natural yeast is AWESOME! I have learned SO much since starting this messy, sticky, flour covered journey. My starter, Fernandough, has quickly become a dear friend. I love waking up and checking on him, feeding him, talking to him.

The fermentation in a natural yeast starter can reduce gluten content, increase the bioavailability of nutrients, and release more fiber than standard white bread. There is no need for sweeteners or fillers because natural yeast is packed with flavor. This means more nutrition for you and more support for the healthy bacteria in your belly. And it’s so fun to create with! Definitely by trial and error!! And no, not everything tastes like “sourdough”.

Create Your Culture

One of the first things I did when I decided to focus on my gut health, was to buy and try Kefir. I add it to my morning smoothie and it can be substituted for a variety of milk uses, including buttermilk. The nutrients and probiotic benefits are high. After some research I decided I could make my own. So I did! There are very simple ways to start healing your gut. It doesn’t have to be a huge, drastic change. Just change one thing.

Studies suggest that Kefir boosts your immune system, aids in digestive problems, improves bone health and can help with allergies and asthma.

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